How To Stop a Trampoline From Squeaking? Surefire Method

Jumping on trampolines is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Most of the time, we all love that unique sound it makes which means that the springs are working well to give us that bounce we all love. But sometimes, there could be noises that annoy us and our neighbors.

How to stop a trampoline from squeaking?

The best way to stop trampoline squeaking is to lubricate components that are in direct contact with each other such as frame joints, and areas between surfaces such as the legs and the ground.

In this post, I will share the methods to quiet your trampoline and how to deal with possible trampoline noise complaints.

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how to quiet a noisy trampoline

Why does a trampoline squeak?

The squeaking of your trampoline happens mainly because of friction.

The metal parts of the frame rub together and create a high-pitched squeal.

These “metal-on-metal” sounds are very common on trampolines, especially if they are older or not well maintained.

There are a lot of different causes for this squeak, but most of them can be fixed with basic tools.

A lack of lubrication is probably the number one cause for squeaky trampolines in general (and we will go over how to fix it further down), but there are other causes as well: loose screws, damaged springs, legs that have been bent outwards by jumping on them too hard (not recommended), damaged mats etc.

Here are some of the most common spots to check:

  • Spring hooks that attach the mat to the frame
  • The springs themselves
  • Joints on the frame, especially where there are bolts and screws

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How to quiet a squeaky trampoline?

There are a number of steps you can take to stop a trampoline from squeaking, and we shall start with the 3 main ones.

Check the frame.

Are there any loose nuts and washers, or any cracks or rust in the frame? If so, use a nut-tightener and anti-rust spray to fix them.

Rust can be a very big problem, so be sure to check how badly it has been affected. At times, the metal part might be completely corroded, in which case you should not attempt to repair it anymore.

Check the springs

Next, check the springs on your trampoline. Are they worn out? Are there any gaps between the frame and spring?

You may need to buy a new spring set from your dealer/supplier if you discover any anomaly. If you are missing a spring, you can easily replace it yourself.

Check the mat for tears

Next, examine your trampoline mat thoroughly: is it torn or worn out? Check for holes too – tears are usually near them.

Also, check for stains on your mat as trampolines might attract wild animals that like to dig their claws into it!

They may end up tearing more than just one part of your lovely trampoline!

Squeaking sounds can sometimes be heard coming from the mat itself.

You should be alright as long as you perform regular trampoline maintenance and clear away any excess dirt. Just make sure the trampoline isn’t wet, as this could add to the noise. Not to add the dangers of jumping on a wet mat.

Use WD-40 on the Springs

When it comes to working with moving metal parts, WD-40 is practically a miracle product. It is not only a good lubricant, but it also functions as a corrosion inhibitor.

While you’re spraying the frame joints and springs, have a friend or your child bounce on the trampoline as this allows the lubricants to get into the gaps and do their job.

Use grease to lubricate around the trampoline

Grease is one of the most effective materials you can use to lubricate the trampoline to ensure a noise-free experience.

They are relatively cheap and easy to get.

Once you have them, you can use a Q-Tip to make application easy. You must clean away any dirt and debris first and dry the area before doing so.

The only problem I have is that they can get a bit messy and you might inadvertently spread the grease across areas you don’t want it to be.

Store the trampoline properly

Keep the tramp upright in addition to the routine maintenance you should do on it on a regular basis to it function properly for many years to come.

The pressure on the joints should be reduced as a result. You can keep the trampoline in good operating order for years with a little grease such as WD-40.

What if the trampoline is still noisy?

If none of these options works, there is one more trick you can try. The squeaking could be coming from the speakers. So mute them and see if the noise stops. Nah, just kidding.

I’m afraid it’s necessary to disassemble the trampoline and inspect the frame joins, notably the square tube outer joiners, for burrs and wear patterns:

  • Any high contact areas should be filed off if necessary, and all joints should be greased
  • Check the spring hole slots: if there is a lot of spring hole wear, the spring hook may no longer have clearance in the slot (the hook rubs tightly on each side of the hole if there is wear, and some of the slots may have raised burrs, which can be filed down)

To be honest, this hardly ever happens, so just be sure to maintain your trampoline regularly to avoid this issue!

Best lubricant to stop trampoline squeaking

You may wonder why you would need lubrication since springs don’t move, but there are still points of high stress on the frame where friction occurs and can cause squeaks.

Fortunately, modern spring designs make it possible to eliminate squeaks through the use of lubricating sprays and greases.

While WD-40 is a good product to use and it does solve the problem, they do not last too long, which means you need to respray them now and then.

The alternative? Try the InterFlon Fin Super Lubricant. It is a lot more long-lasting and effective than WD-40!

Interflon Fin Super (Aerosol) 300 ML Can - Clean Lube That Penetrates, Cleans, Lubricates and Protects
  • Long-Lasting - Lubricates up to 10 Times Longer Than Conventional Lubricants
  • Ideal for use on cycles, fishing rods, guns, tools, and anything that moves
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  • Dries to solid film with no sticky residue

How to apply trampoline grease on the springs?

If you choose to lubricate the springs themselves, keep in mind that the lubrication will not last long with WD-40. I prefer the Fin Super.

With the spring detached from the mat, it is easier to get the lubricant in just right.

Clean and dry it before you start spraying.

Dirt and dust can really destroy the effectiveness of the lubricant here.

After you are done, do a few test jumps to see if the problem persists. If it does, pay attention to which spring and repeat the process.

Avoiding Trampoline Noise Complaints

Sometimes, jumpers, especially young children, can get overboard when jumping on trampolines.

In addition to the squeaking, this noise can drive someone nuts.

If you do not want to get into conflict with your neighbors, the tips above should be able to help you overcome at least the squeaking noise.

On the same note, you should make sure that your kids aren’t jumping on the trampoline at night; tell them that if they see that everyone’s in the house or lights are off, then chances are that will be a very bad time to start jumping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Mini Trampolines Make Noise?

Mini trampolines can make a lot of noise, especially if they are not properly maintained.

This is especially so if you purchase one made with inferior materials, which can cause the springs to squeak and eventually break over time.

Even if you have a mini trampoline that doesn’t make any noise now, chances are it will start making noises as soon as you get on it for long enough periods of time.

If your mini trampoline is making noises and you want to stop them, there are several things you could try:

  • Unscrewing the bolts under the middle of each leg will allow access to all four corners where rubber feet should be secured tightly against metal plates inside each corner tube.
  • Remove any existing bushings from around their respective screws and replace them with new ones (from an old or broken down trampoline) before tightening these screws down again.
  • If this doesn’t work and the noises continue after tightening those screws back up again then try removing any loose nuts and bolts from beneath the legs using pliers before reattaching them more tightly using some lubricant like WD40 on their threads so that they don’t rust together in place without being able to move freely when needed later on.

I actually recommend that you consider getting a bungee cord rebounder such as one from Jumpsport if you are serious about investing in a high-quality one. They have a unique design that makes their products very quiet.

Do Springfree trampolines squeak?

If your trampoline has been making too much noise, you may want to consider getting a Springfree.

Some Springfree trampolines will squeak on occasion, but they are designed to make less sound than other types of trampolines.

Springfree trampolines use no-noise net rods and the frame is encapsulated underneath the mat (not exposed like most traditional trampolines). This means that there is little chance of the net rubbing or hitting the frame.

I have had a Springfree for three years now and have never heard any squeaking from it.

In fact, all my neighbors love it because it doesn’t make any noise at all!

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Should a new trampoline squeak?

A new trampoline should not squeak. If your new trampoline squeaks, it could mean a manufacturing defect, in which case you should return your product for a new one.

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