How Much Is a Mini Trampoline? Cost Breakdown and Top Choices

For most people, the cost of a mini trampoline is a big factor and they want to know how much they cost before they make a purchase. But how much is a mini trampoline?

Mini trampolines have a price range of between $20 to $300. This is dependent mainly on the brand, size, quality of the equipment. There are also add-ons that will increase the price such as storage bags and covers.

Getting a mini trampoline comes with a lot of benefits, even for your skin! Make use of this article to find out what kind of budget you would need to set aside for one now.

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Average cost of mini trampolines

What is a mini trampoline?

Mini trampolines, also known as rebounders or small trampolines or fitness trampolines, are a type of exercise equipment that you can use to get a good cardiovascular workout.

The mini trampoline is smaller than a traditional full-size trampoline and has a mat attached to a frame with springs, usually measuring between 30 to 40 inches. For larger individuals, there are some models that stretch up to 55 inches.

As you jump on a mini trampoline, the springs push back against your body, providing resistance for your workout.

Mini trampolines are more portable than full-size trampolines, making them easier to store and move when necessary.

You can set up a mini trampoline in your living room or basement to work out in the privacy of your own home.

Mini-trampoline cardio workouts are low impact, so they’re ideal for people who have knee or ankle problems and aren’t able to do high-impact cardio such as jogging.

Because jumping on the mini-trampoline puts less stress on your joints than jogging or running, it’s also useful for seniors who want to stay active but need an alternative to running or jogging.

Other uses for rebounders include:

  • Physical therapy: Rebounders are sometimes recommended by physical therapists as part of a recovery program after an injury or surgery.
  • Meditation: Some people use rebounders to meditate, by focusing on the rhythmic bouncing motion when they jump up and down on the trampoline.
  • Weight loss: Some people use mini trampolines as part of a weight loss program. It may not burn as many calories as more vigorous exercise like running or jogging, but it’s easier on your joints.

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Factors that influence the price of a mini trampoline

There are a few factors that determine how much a small trampoline costs.

In this section, I will discuss a few of the important ones and they are also good to know so you can choose the right one for you.

Quality of the mini-trampoline

One of the most important factors about mini trampoline pricing is the trampoline’s build and construction as well as the materials utilized.

A high-quality trampoline will cost more than a low-quality trampoline since it is built to support the appropriate weights, resist daily wear and tear better, and serve the user longer.

Similarly, more expensive trampolines are often built of materials that are meant to provide optimum performance, which can have a direct impact on how effective your rebounding activities are for purposes such as weight reduction.

Low-quality trampolines, on the other hand, are the polar opposite.

Higher-quality trampolines will, on average, have a higher weight limit and will last longer.

Brand of the mini-trampoline

Another key aspect that influences the pricing of indoor mini-trampolines is the brand.

For a variety of reasons such as time in the market, reliability, and positive long-term reviews, some businesses, such as JumpSport, OneTwoFit, bellicon, and Skywalker charge a higher price for their products.

The trampoline’s price is often determined by the construction materials, performance, and durability, but brand name recognition may also play a role.

Sometimes, a lesser-known brand can provide equivalent features at a lower price, but you will have to conduct your own due diligence.

Size of the rebounder

Unsurprisingly, the price of indoor mini-trampolines is also determined by their size.

Mini trampolines, of course, exist in a variety of sizes, with the most common sizes ranging from 30′′ all the way up to 55′′.

Expect the price of a trampoline to rise as the size of the trampoline grows.

Performance of the small trampoline

It stands to reason that the performance of fitness trampolines varies considerably.

Because of the way they are made, some trampolines have higher bounces or rebounds than others.

Some trampolines, for example, have many springs that act independently to improve performance.

Other models, on the other hand, use groups of springs that act collectively rather than individually, resulting in inferior performance.

Furthermore, some small trampolines have features such as being foldable, which could add to the cost.

Presence of additional accessories

When you get yourself a fitness trampoline, you might be keen to add on some accessories that will further complement and enhance their effectiveness.

These could be stability bars (for safety too), weighted balls, and resistance bands.

You may even consider getting socks that improve your grip on the jumping mat, storage bags to carry them around, or covers to protect them when not in use.

All of these will add to your cost considerably, but they do bring along with them a new set of benefits.

Location of manufacturer

While finding out where a brand manufactures its products is not so straightforward, you can expect that mini trampolines made here in the United States will tend to cost more compared to one made in another country such as China.

This is a fact that cannot be avoided as the costs of manufacturing are potentially much lower overseas.

That said, when you shop on a platform such as Amazon, you can typically get one with free shipping included.

Average cost of mini trampolines

I have done some research and come up with the numbers below. Take note that prices are fluid and there might be changes from now, but they should provide a decent estimate.

Below this average price section, you will also find a couple of my top recommendations.

Average price of mini trampoline by size

  • 36 inch rebounder: $64.83, price range from $50 to $70
  • 40 inch rebounder: $95.67, price range from $70 to $239
  • 48 inch rebounder: $114.83, price range from $106 to $159

Average price of mini trampoline by brands

  • JumpSport: from $149
  • OneTwoFit: from $66
  • Stamina: from $69

Recommended Mini Trampolines

JumpSport 250 Fitness Rebounder
  • Low-Impact, Total-Body Exercise: Burn calories, blast fat, get stronger and improve your fitness while engaging all your muscles and having more fun than any other workout!
  • Workouts Included: Free 60-Day Extended Trial to online professional workouts, including HIIT, strength, barre, core and more; JumpSport Basic DVD.
  • Best Bounce: Comfortable, quiet bounce for all ages and fitness levels. Large, 35.5-inch Permatron jumping surface with extra-wide padded mat provides 40% reduction in impact as opposed to traditional bouncers.
  • Premium Bungees: EnduroLast 2 elastic cords are tested to hundreds of thousands of bounces for long-lasting durability. The virtually silent FlexBounce System is gentler and smoother than steel springs.
  • Sturdy and Stable: Black powder-coated 39-inch frame has arched legs that provide additional stability, resist tipping, and make for easy storage. User weight rating is 250 pounds, and trampoline comes almost fully assembled to get you bouncing quickly.
Skywalker Mini Trampoline
  • SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY: All of our products are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards, so your children can play worry-free.
  • DESIGN: This mini trampoline features 25 bungees instead of steel springs for a design with safety in mind. A 360-degree padded handlebar offers stability for your little jumper, and the enclosure net is sewn directly to the jump mat, eliminating gaps.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY KIDS: Introduces young kids to a fun, active lifestyle. This mini trampoline provides a great way for your little ones to burn off energy, improve coordination and develop gross motor skills.
  • IMAGINATIVE PLAY:This mini trampoline features a fun, lily-pad themed jump mat to encourage learning while playing! The jump mat can help teach both number identification and animal recognition.
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