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Headache on Trampoline. Should You Be Concerned?

Headache on Trampoline featured image
Yes, you can get a headache from jumping on a trampoline, but it is very unlikely it has anything to do with the trampoline itself. Headaches come about due to exertion, dehydration, low blood sugar, or an existing condition.

Can You Put a Trampoline on Concrete?

Can You Put a Trampoline on Concrete featured image
You can put a trampoline on concrete flooring, but only if you take extra safety precautions such as placing a layer of rubber mat below the trampoline, anchoring it, and having a safety net enclosure.

How to Put Springs on a Trampoline With or Without a Spring Tool

How to Put Springs on a Trampoline featured image
You can put springs on a trampoline using a supplied trampoline spring tool, but if that is not available, you can consider alternatives such as a plier or caulking gun. They do require some physical strength, so be sure to have a partner to help you out when assembling the springs of your trampoline.