About Us

There’s something about a trampoline that makes kids go nuts. It’s not just the jumping, either—it’s the springy sound, it’s the feeling of being airborne, it’s the feeling of landing on something soft and fun.


Hi, I’m Jacob Mackay, and together with 2 of my best friends, Tony and Karen, we started Trampoline Junction to harness that energy and channel it into something truly magical.

When we started our hunt for trampolines, we had to make sure that our kids get all that extra energy out in a safe and fun way.

That led to hours upon hours of research interspersed with watching some horror clips of people getting injured while bouncing around.

With all that information we gathered, we decided to put together a site where fellow trampoline owners, as well as prospective owners, can get the most accurate and updated information.

We aim to cover a wide range of topics related to trampolines including how-to guides, product reviews, types of exercises, and games, not to mention cool accessories we could add to our fun toy.

Browse around and you will find tons of informational articles that will make you the best trampoline owner! Questions? Contact us here.

Alternatively, you can connect with me on LinkedIn.