How to Clean a Trampoline?

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How to clean a trampoline? It might seem easy but it's also easy to miss out important parts. Use this guide to give yours a thorough scrub!

Headache on Trampoline. Should You Be Concerned?

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Yes, you can get a headache from jumping on a trampoline, but it is very unlikely it has anything to do with the trampoline itself. Headaches come about due to exertion, dehydration, low blood sugar, or an existing condition.

Can You Put a Trampoline on Concrete?

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You can put a trampoline on concrete flooring, but only if you take extra safety precautions such as placing a layer of rubber mat below the trampoline, anchoring it, and having a safety net enclosure.

How to Put Springs on a Trampoline With or Without a Spring Tool

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You can put springs on a trampoline using a supplied trampoline spring tool, but if that is not available, you can consider alternatives such as a plier or caulking gun. They do require some physical strength, so be sure to have a partner to help you out when assembling the springs of your trampoline.

Is Jumping on a Trampoline Bad for Your Back?

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Jumping on a trampoline is not bad for your back, but you should not overdo it as it can cause stress on your intervertebral discs. If you have an existing back issue such as a herniated disc, you should consult your medical professional for advice first.

Can Dogs Go on Trampolines? Absolutely or Not?

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Yes, dogs can go on trampolines, but as responsible owners, you need to take necessary precautions to ensure both the jumper and the dog's safety. For example, they need to be supervised to prevent being trampled on by other jumpers.

Mini Trampoline: Springs vs Bands. How to choose?

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The main difference between spring and bungee cord rebounders is that spring rebounders are cheaper, less elastic, and noisier, while bungee cord rebounders are higher priced, have a better and softer bounce, and operate very quietly.

Do Trampolines Need to Be Anchored?

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Do trampolines need to be anchored? There are a few ways to anchor your trampoline. The first method is to use an anchoring kit, usually from the manufacturer. The other method is to use tie down wind stakes, similar to how you would secure a tent.

21 Health Benefits of Rebounding

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Rebounding might seem like a basic and perhaps, cringe-looking activity, but did you know there are a ton of benefits? In this post, I will be sharing with you the top 21 benefits of rebounding.

Square vs Round vs Rectangular vs Oval Trampolines

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As you start your research into trampolines, you will come across many different shapes and sizes, adding to the confusion and buying decision. What kind of trampoline shape is suitable for you then? How to choose a trampoline shape?

25 Cool Trampoline Tricks To Master For All Levels

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You've probably seen some pretty cool trampoline tricks on Youtube or on TV. Well, I've compiled a list of all the best trampoline tricks that you can learn at home. From beginner level to advanced levels – these are all great tutorials.

How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold?

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How much weight can a trampoline hold? A standard round trampoline that measures 10 feet across usually has a weight limit of about 250 pounds while a 12 feet round trampoline usually supports up to 350 pounds. Standard 12 feet rectangular trampolines can hold 250 pounds while those that measure 16 feet across can hold up to 400 pounds.

Are Mini Trampolines Safe for Toddlers?

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As long as the mini trampoline is age-appropriate for your child, is made of high-quality materials without any small pieces, and is used responsibly by you and by your child, trampolining should be totally safe.